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There are 2 different techniques offered at Fox Aesthetics. 

The signature lip enhances what you already have. Tailored to you, it can add definition & volume. This technique results in a plumper more volumised look to the lip compared to the Russian technique that keeps the lip flat.


The Russian lip technique is about creating height and shape. It creates crisp definition at the Cupid’s bow resulting in a stunning heart shaped lip. The side profile remains flat rather than protrude outwards like the signature technique. This technique is perfect for those with thin lips looking to add height, whose top lip disappears when they smile & for those wanting to add shape & definition to the lip. This technique can works best on lips with very little or no filler in.




With lip enhancements it’s all about building your lips. Lip enhancements are a process and each session will create a layer in the lip. Each layer will settle and then another layer can be added. It is recommended to leave at least 4 weeks between each lip enhancement session. If you put too much filler in too soon then you risk filler migration.

If you have thin lips, lips that disappear when you smile or lips that have lost volume then I always advise starting with 0.5ml and gradually adding 0.5ml.

The Russian technique is always best for thinner lips as it creates vertical height to the lip.

With all lips you keep building until you are happy with the size and shape. Once this is achieved you will then be able to have 0.5ml top-ups every 12-18 months.


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We will always numb your lips before treatment or you can arrive 10 minutes early and sit in our waiting room with out numbing cream to allow more time to numb. You can also buy your own numbing cream to put on 30-40 minutes prior to you appointment to make your treatment more comfortable. Once numbed, lip enhancements are relatively painless and take on average 20-30 minutes.

You will be given our bespoke aftercare bags that include arnica cream to help ease bruising, lip ice pack to help with swelling and Vaseline to help with dryness.

For the first 48 hours your lips will bruise, swell and feel lumpy but this is normal and part of your body’s inflammation response to the trauma from the needle. This is completely normal. Your lips will take 2 weeks to fully settle.

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