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At Fox Aesthetics we use the premium anti-wrinkle injection brand.

1 area - Treats crows feet. Get ride of the lines that appear at the side of the eyes when you smile. Brightens the eyes & banishes the wrinkles that come with age in this area. 


2 areas - Treats forehead & frown. This will get rid of lines on the forehead and frown area that appear due to excessive movement of the muscles in this area or due to age. 


3 areas - This treats forehead, frown & crows feet. Incredible results for the upper face. Treats lines that appear due to excessive movement of the muscles in this area & due to age.


Treatment takes 2 weeks to take full effect and will last on average 3 months. 


Bunny lines

Bunny lines are small lines and creases at the side of nose, between the eyes. Facial expression and smiling can make bunny lines appear. Botox in your forehead or crows feet can also cause bunny lines. This is a quick and effective treatment. 

Cobbled chin

A cobblestone chin is the appearance of a knobbly or ‘orange peel’ chin. This is often exaggerated with certain facial expressions and tends to become more noticeable with age. This is another quick & effective treatment.


Nose droop / Tip lift

This treatment will help with a downward nasal tip. It works by relaxing the muscle that pulls the nasal tip downward when smiling.

Down turned mouth corners

This treatment is suitable for people whose mouth corners naturally point down when resting, or whose mouth corners do not rise easily even while smiling due to muscle pull.

Lip flip & lipstick lines

The lip flip works by relaxing the muscles that connect to the upper lip, allowing the lip to relax and curl outward. It will not add volume but if you have thin lips lip filler it can accentuate the top lip.

For lipstick lines (AKA smokers lines) this will have a wrinkle-reducing effect on your upper lip, smoothing vertical lip lines.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile is when the top lip rests high on the gums when smiling. One of the causes is hyperactive muscles elevating the upper lip. Gummy smile can be simply and effectively corrected using Botulinum toxin injections to reduce the activity of that muscle.

Teeth grinding/jaw slimming

Injecting small doses of Botox directly into the masseter muscle (the jaw), weakens the muscle enough to stop habitual grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. This significantly relaxes the muscle and reduces the wear and tear on the teeth. 

Nefertiti neck lift

A Nefertiti neck lift specifically targets the neck and jawline for a rejuvenating and lifting effect. This treatment will help to improve fine lines and creases and give the skin a smoother appearance.

Under eye

This treats under the eye area to soften the lines. For best results a skin booster for the undereye is recommended aswell as undereye botox.


botox gummy smile

Gummy smile treatment

Appointment time is approximately 15 minutes.

Anti-wrinkle injections take 14 days to start working but can often start from day 7.

2 week top-up is included in the treatment price for forehead, frown & crows feet.

Minimal to no bruising of swelling after treatment. 

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