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Facial contouring involves placing filler in areas of the face that have volume loss due to lack of structure,  aging or weight loss.

We use hyaluronic acid filler to shape and define making it to look slimmer and structured.

Areas that can be treated include cheeks, jawline & chin.

Take advantage of our glow-up packages that involve creating a beautifully defined and structured shape to the face at a discounted package price.


This client had a total of 9mls. 

6mls jawline, 2mls chin & 1ml cheeks



Cheek enhancement is a great treatment for giving your cheekbones definition.

It will enhance & beautify the face but can also benefit the nasolabial (smile) lines.

Nasolabial lines are caused by volume loss in the upper face so cheek enhancement not only provides shape and structure but also benefits the nasolaibal lines.

When considering cheek enhancement treatment we recommend for best results 2ml (1ml each side) and then this can be built on gradually.


2.2ml cheek enhancement 



A chin enhancement will give shape and definition to the lower face. It can create a lovely heart shaped face or make the face look slimmer. This is a quick and easy treatment with really effective results. We suggest 1ml to begin with for best results.

Facial contouring treatment will take 30 - 60 minutes depending on package and amount of areas being treated.

Results can last 12-18 months on average. Bruising and swelling will take 2 weeks to fully settle.

These areas usually need building up gradually.

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