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Tear troughs, or sunken eye sockets, can be brought on by ageing as the collagen production slows down and the skin thins and sags. This creates small fat pouches under the eye and casts a shadow across the area. They can also be genetic, appearing from a young age and becoming more noticeable as you get older.

Using hyaluronic dermal fillers we can plump up and smooth out the area under your eye, reducing the appearance of tear troughs and minimizing shadows under your eyes. Giving you fresher, brighter eyes and restoring your confidence in your appearance.

Tear trough fillers can help with

- Reduce dark shadows under your eyes 

- Sagging under the eyes

- Adds volume and plumps the hollows in the under the eyes

- Rejuvenates tired eyes

- Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for tear trough filler so a consultation appointment is recommended first to ensure this is the best treatment for you.


This treatment takes approximately 20 minutes to carry out. Results will last on average 12 months. There will be some slight swelling & redness and will take 2 weeks to fully settle. A 2 week top-up is included in the treatment.

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